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WARNING: What you're about to read will sound like 'TOTAL BS" at first, you will say to yourself "What is this fake crap? This has to be some MC DOJO Scam,This can't be real. And if you were to say that, you would be making a HUGE mistake.  But don't take my word for it, although you don't know us yet, just give me a few minutes and I'll prove to you everything that I'm talking about is 100% true.

Multiple Time National Judo Champion, Multiple Time National Sombo Champion and 2 Time Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion Lloyd Irvin Is Finally revealing his once tightly guarded secret……

"YES! You Can Discover...





Leonardo Dalla Costa

Listen to Dalla

"This will probably be the Greatest training tool
in the history of grappling"

"Hi my name is Leo Dalla. I used to laugh when Lloyd used to go and
write into his notebook after each in every class. Back then he was
just a white belt he was always taking notes, studying and never let
anyone else look into notes. Then the next thing you know 3 ½ years
later he earned his black belt in jiu-jitsu
I promote him myself in Brazil his system wasn’t funny anymore it was worth researching. In
Brasil we just train, no scientific method just train. I’ve been
fighting jiu-jitsu since 1987, I’ve been a black Belt for over 9 years,
and I’ve been using Lloyd’s system to learn how to wrestle better."

Leonardo Dalla Costa
BJJ Black Belt
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2 Time World Championship Medallist

It’s Amazing but TRUE

Dear Friend,

If you are a grappler or have ever thought about getting involved in grappling, you may have just run across the most ground breaking grappling training course ever made available on earth. A course that will accelerate your progress and allow you to achieve unthinkable success in your grappling training.


Because you are about to discover a never before revealed grappling training system, grappling dvds that will transform you into a true student of grappling, Convert your mind into another dimension and understanding of Grappling that you never thought possible, give you a simple, easy and proven Step-by-step blueprint to follow and absolutely change the way you and everyone in the world will train in the grappling arts forever. It's called the The Grappling Blueprint™ "The Future of Grappling Training".



"My name is Otavio "Tata" Duarte I got my Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu in1997 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil under Jorge Pereira. The Grappling Blueprint is going to help many people all over the World become better at grappling, Lloyd has always been a crazy guy I recommend this course you're going to learn fast and be a good fighter."

Otavio "Tata" Duarte
Listen to Tata

Otavio "Tata" Duarte
Abu Dhabi Competitor
8 Times Brazilian Champion
4 Time Pan Am Champion
2 Time World Championship Medalist

Why has no one ever heard of this system before?

SIMPLE: Because it was NEVER going to be released to the public.

Lloyd's misfortune equals good news for you.

Like I said, this information was never going to be released then tragedy struck. Maybe you haven't heard, but last year Lloyd Irvin had a near career ending injury that almost left him paralyzed. This accident changed Lloyd's view on life and inspired him to finally reveal his secret system.

Mike Moses
Listen to Mike
"I had the privilege of Master Lloyd sitting me down and giving me a behind the scene look at exactly what The Grappling Blueprint was. All I can say is OH MY GOD, my head was buzzing the entire ride home. I thought I had an idea as to what it would be but boy was I wrong. Master Lloyd is light years ahead of the game, he is on another planet and when it comes to this course it shows.
As a Martial Artist for some 20 years and as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/Thai Boxing school owner I’ll be the first person to purchase this course when it is released. I am on the FREE Grappling Blueprint e-mail list and it’s mandatory for all of my students to be on the list as well. The information given on this list is absolutely fantastic, all the students come in class talking about the emails they received from Master Lloyd. It has made teaching my classes much easier and my students love it. If you haven’t signed up to join The Grappling Blueprints free e-mail list, you don’t know what you’re missing."

Mike Moses
BJJ Black Belt
4-time Grapplers Quest Champion
1999 BJJ Pan American Games - Gold Medal
2000 BJJ Pan American Games - Gold Medal
2000 BJJ World Championships - Bronze Medal


Mike Easton

Listen to Mike
"I’ve been training for 11 months. I got my Blue Belt in 6 months and won my very first blue belt tournament one week later winning 5 matches. After winning my division I entered the open belt class where I beat a BJJ purple belt first round, then I got choked by Danny Ives from Team Renzo Gracie my second match .I couldn't believe I beat a purple belt after only 6 months of training. I’m very new at this, I just want to get better, following The Grappling Blueprint I know I’ll succeed."

Mike Easton
BJJ Blue Belt
Naga World Champion Int.
Grapplers Quest Champion Int.
US. Grappling Champion

Eric Grove
Listen to Eric

"When someone has something special you can tell. It was amazing seeing how fast Lloyd progressed. He always followed his training system even when other respected people told him it wouldn’t work, well it sure paid off BIGTIME. I highly recommend his grappling dvds course, I'm simply amazed that he's finally going to share his system. I've been trying to get him to put it down on paper for me for years. He just would never do it.
When you see the systematic process that he has put to together then you’ll understand why everyone is so excited about it. Normal everyday people will have a easy to follow plan to take ther grappling to another level."

Eric Grove
4th Degree Black Belt Combat Sombo ASA
3 Time National Sombo Champion


Listen to Muhsin

"I learned more in one weekend from Master Irvin than I have learned in my last five years in the game. Not only does Master Irvin have the most technical knowledge of any instructor I have ever worked with, he has the perfect system to help you retain that knowledge and put it to use. Master Irvin and his grappling blueprint have elevated my game to levels that I didn’t think were possible in a very short period of time. The Grappling Blueprint is the real deal! Get it before your opponent does."

Muhsin Corbbrey
Naga National Champion
Naga Georgia St. Champ
ISCF South Eastern Reg. Champ
Iron heart Challenge Champ
King of the Hill Tournament Champ
Undefeated Vale Tudo Fighter



Listen to Brandon
"I’ve lived and trained at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs Colorado, I’ve competed and trained in Brazil, I’ve fought in the largest Submission Wrestling event in the World and I’ve trained with some of the best coaches America have to offer.
Master Lloyd Irvin is by far the best and most detailed oriented instructor I’ve ever worked with. The principles of The Grappling Blueprint are simply unbelievable. When I first joined the e-mail list I wasn’t sure what would happen but I’m sure glad I joined it. I’m learning so much from being on the list. If you haven’t joined the list yet, I don’t know what you’re waiting for."

Brandon Vera
BJJ Purple Belt
Abu Dhabi Competitor
4 time Grapplers Quest Champion
Pan Am Gold Medalist
1999-2000 Ranked #4 in the US Greco Roman Wrestling


We are currently in the second phase of development of The Grappling Blueprint. Once word got out that Lloyd was finally going to reveal his once tightly guarded system that allowed him to advance so quickly in grappling, calls started to pour in for orders. But we are not taking orders at this point.

Since we were swamped with calls and e-mails. What we have decided to do is compile a Special Mailing list for individuals interested in this amazing course.

Everyone on this list will receive advance notice of the release of The Grappling Blueprint™, receive a special limited time discount on this system that no one else will receive, receive my very valuable FREE Training Lessons,special training tips and my newsletter. You can't afford not to at least join this list, it will make an immediate difference in your grappling. What do you have to lose? It's 100% FREE to join and you can quit receiving my information ANYTIME you like. Don't delay and join now by typing in your Name and e-mail address below. It will be the very best thing you've done for your grappling career that doesn't cost you a dime.

Thank you for your time.


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