Lloyd Irvin, Grappling Hall of Fame Inductee, along with Royce Gracie

Hello. My name is Lloyd Irvin and for those of you who do not know who I am let me tell you who I am. I’m a Brazilian Jiujitsu Black Belt World Champion, a No Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt World Champion, a Two Time Judo National Champion, a Two Time Sambo National Champion, a Mixed Martial Arts Coach, a Grappling Hall of Fame Inductee (Inducted alongside with Royce Gracie), I’m also one of the foremost grappling and mixed martial arts experts in the world and I’m the founder and creator of The Grappling Blueprint.

As you've probably read on the other page, I got my BJJ Blue Belt in only 30 days and my BJJ Black Belt in only 3 1/2 years. I 'DID NOT' do judo or sombo prior to beginning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I also received my Black Belt in Judo and Sombo in only 1 year. I've also created from scratch what many people consider the strongest American Jiu Jitsu team in the World. My team is 58 time grapplers quest champions, 45 Time Naga Champion, we recently won the 5-5 beast of the east challenge defeating team renzo gracie in the finals and we were just named the team of the decade by for the years 1999-2009.

Now I'm not saying this to brag or impress you, but to impress upon you that I know what I'm talking about and if you'll just give me a few minutes of your time, I'll explain to you how I was able to accomplish so much, how I'm able to help my students accomplish so many incredible accomplishments and most importantly, How I can help you take your grappling to the next level.

But if you were to write this off as some scam, some fake get your black belt quick program, or group me into the massive number of people trying to educate the grappling public with instruction but don't compete themselve and even worse, don't produce champions from the same information that they are telling you that is so great, you would be doing yourself a great disservice.

Not only does my stuff work, I prove it by showing the World the results of my students, showing you what they did, showing you how they did the exact things that I'm telling you to do, I do grappling case studies that our out of this World, "Please, if you truly want to improve your grappling, sit back and read this entire page.

On this page I want to share with you 5 of the many secrets that's behind the success of The Grappling Blueprint, give you a better understanding as what the blueprint is and I promise you that if you have a open mind, truly want to become the best you can be and will just give me a chance. I promise you that you won't be dissapointed, over 200,000 people throughout the World trust me enough to listen to me, shouldn't you? But don't take my word for it, I have enough proof that I want to share with you to make you a believer.


-The Reduction Of Reaction Time

- The Maximization Of The C.E.E. Concept

-The Secret Of Visual Processes and Processing

-Transitional Dominance
(What Your Instructor Will Never Teach You)

- The Art And Science of Deliberate Practice

Although I am here to tell you about The Grappling Blueprint, let me tell you about my most important accomplishment first. My most important accomplishment is that……….. I’M AN INVESTOR.

Yes, simply put. I am an investor.

Over the years I learned a great deal about martial arts, about life, about grappling, about striking, about business, about success, about high achievement and education. And what I have learned is that there is absolutely no substitute for investing in yourself and that which you believe in.

In 1996-97 I created a system for grappling called The Grappling Blueprint. A system that I found to be fool-proof over the years, having coached several phenoms in the world of grappling, Abu Dhabi Submission World Wrestling Competitors, National Champions, Olympians, World Champions and several state champions. I also have a 19 yr old BJJ Black Belt who the Gracie Magazine recently was quoted as saying "Jonathan Torres is the biggest revelation in jiu jitsu in recent times!" This isn't by luck, everything that I do is by a highly designed and planned out system.

Over the years, I’ve honed The Grappling Blueprint and have tweaked it, made some adjustments and improved upon it. Over the years of producing champions, I began to really understand that my system, The Grappling Blueprint was, the master key to success in grappling, I even have thousands of testimonials from people from all over the World that I've never met about how they have been able to excel after utilizing just The FREE Grappling Blueprint emails and online coaching that I make available to people throughout the World. And I’ve based many of my products such as The Grappling Game Plan, Back Attack Secrets, Pilates For Grapplers and Triangle Secrets just to name a few, off of the tenets and systematic approach of The Grappling Blueprint.. and guess what?


You wanna know why?

I’ll tell you why.

The great philosopher Aristotle is quoted as saying, “We are what we repeatedly do; therefore excellence is not an act, but a habit.

I AM A HABITUAL WINNER. Winning for me has become a habit. Winning for those who follow The Grappling Blueprint tenets has become a habit. Succeeding on the mat has become a habit. And do you know why?

It’s because I understand The Grappling Blueprint and…

I’ve LITERALLY Cracked The Code
To Grappling Success

For years people think that talent is what determines who succeeds and who does not. We’ve all watched athletes on television and said the following statement:

“(insert name here) is just naturally talented!” I've been personally accused of getting my BJJ Black Belt in 3 1/2 years because I was talented, because I was athletic etc. If that's all it took to accomplish what I've accomplished then I promise you that there would be people all over the World that would've done the exact same thing.


There are very few naturally talented people, so few that I DO NOT ALLOW the word “talented” to come out of my mouth. I really don’t believe in someone being “naturally talented”.


Because I don’t want my students, my customers or the people that I mentor to believe that there is something that is stopping them from achieving high levels of success. I’m sure you’ve heard me say before that “Hard Work Will Beat Talent, When Talent Refuses To Work Hard.”

Researchers in the areas of elite level sports performance have found out that “talent” is a misnomer. In harmony with the title of Geoff Colvin’s book “Talent Is Overrated” I can tell you right now, that it truly is. Talent, like anything else is earned, but you cannot earn it without knowing exactly what to do.

Some people think that my student Mike Folwer is “naturally talented” I laugh. Why? Because Mike is far from 'naturally talented',it's
Because Mike Fowler also follows The Grappling Blueprint, it's tenents, its phillosoplies and he truly believes in the system.

Some people think that my student J.T. “Spiderman” Torres is “naturally talented”. I laugh. Why? Because JT is also not Naturally talented, it's Because J.T. follows The Grappling Blueprint, it's tenents, its phillosoplies and he truly believes in the system, of course they both work really hard and 'always' do what is asked of them no matter what, without question.

Now both of these guys have a 'burning desire' to become the best that they can possibly be.

Some people think that my school was name The School of The Decade by Grappler’s Quest for our accomplishments in grappling from 1999-2009 because all of my students are talented. Are my students just “naturally talented?” No THEY ARE NOT! But I can tell you what they are….THEY ARE FOLLOWERS OF THE GRAPPLING BLUEPRINT. The Blueprint is part of my curriculum so they practice it even though they don’t know that they are doing it.

The contemporary belief of today’s Brazilian Jiujitsu practitioner is that, “it takes 10 years to get your BJJ Black Belt.” While this belief is popular, it is also incorrect. And while being incorrect, due to its permeation of the belief system of many of those in the Brazilian Jiujitsu community and social domain, it has, unfortunately become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

For some ungodly reason, people believe that, if you have a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu, that such an achievement means that you can beat up and/or submit anybody when such an achievement does not mean that or represent that at all.

Brazilian Jiujitsu like its brother and sister martial arts is just that….. an art. The art form of jiujitsu is one that takes a lifetime to master. The achievement of a black belt is just but one stop on the lifelong journey of learning. Many people look at the attaining of a black belt as the end of the learning process, when quite frankly, it is a new beginning.

The purpose of the Grappling Blueprint is not to make you an ass-kicking machine, although many ass-kicking machines have been created. The purpose of the Grappling Blueprint is not to get you to the level of Black Belt so that you can quit Brazilian Jiujitsu and say, “Ok, been there. Done that.” The purpose of the Grappling Blueprint is not to learn the triangle choke, the oma plata and a couple of sweeps.

The original purpose that The Grappling Blueprint was created was to find a way for me to become that best grappler I could possibly be as fast as possible. After getting my blue belt in 30 days working my system of advanced learning, training and skill adaptation, six months into my training my instructor had to move back to Brazil for personal reasons.

At that point I was left without an instructor but with an obsessive desire to learn jiu jitsu and become the best I could be. So I created The Grappling Blueprint as a system for me to follow to achieve success in grappling, I put alot of time, energy and effort into it, I studied high level black belt film, broke done ever single transition that they would do from every position, top and bottom, i documented their hand placement, their grips that they used, I detailed what the right hand, left hand, left leg, right leg did, what the hips were doing, I was obsessive.

This was just the beginning of the process of what went into the original version of the blueprint system over ten years ago, then I had to put everything into a systematic training protacol, etc. Like I said before, The Grappling Blueprint has been through a massive transformation process and I want to introduce you to some of its tenets so that you may understand the various channel which you must investigate and navigate through in order to become a superior martial artists with super knowledge and excellent growth. The purpose of the Grappling Blueprint is to allow you to see, know and grow abnormal level of personal achievement on and off the mat and of course get your black belt as fast as possible.

Some people may laugh at what I"m about to say, but had I had all of the resources ie. videos that are available today and had an instructor with me everyday to answer my questions, fix my holes, I truly believe that I could've reached the Black Belt level even faster, don't forget I got my black belt in 3 1/2 years training myself with this system.

The acquisition of professional achievement, elite levels of excellent in sport and exemplary achievements have long been a topic of academic perusal and research by many researchers and scientists. Studies have been done on what it takes to become “good” in a particular domain. Since you may not be familiar with the foundational research of The Grappling Blueprint, as the first practitioner of the methodological approach which we call The Grappling Blueprint Method, let me explain to you the 3 Foundational secrets of The Grappling Blueprint.

Secret #1
– The Reduction Of Reaction Time

On the metacognitive level, many of us want to reach the level of knowing how to know what it is that we need to know. Quite honestly, becoming a metacognitive learner is what we need in order to become successful within a certain domain of expertise, such as grappling. The research in the area of metacognition states that, “metacognitive skills include taking conscious control of learning, planning and selecting strategies, monitoring the progress of learning, correcting errors, analyzing the effectiveness of learning strategies, and changing learning behaviors and strategies when necessary. RidleyDS1992 (Ridley, D.S., Schutz, P.A., Glanz, R.S. & Weinstein, C.E., 1992) The ability to do this will accelerate your learning curve greatly. And it will also do something remarkable for your grappling game.

See, the Grappling Blueprint was created to help me and now you to learn what it is that you really don’t understand that you need to learn so that your learning increases as a more rapid level. Many argue with the effectiveness of The Grappling Blueprint, and with good reason!!! It is 100% impossible for people to grasp and understand that which they don’t know. Most don’t have the metacognitive awareness in the domain of grappling to clearly understand how to learn grappling at an extremely fast rate. If they did, everyone would do it.

When it comes to me getting my Black Belt in 3 1/2 years people always ask “How in the world I was able to do that and what did the Grappling Blueprint do for me?”

Well one thing is that The Grappling Blueprint REDUCED my reaction time.

Here’s how. The great thing about becoming a metacognitive learner is that you learn how to learn and in and of that process you become a master at learning so that you actually learn faster.

Have you ever been rolling around on the mat, sparring or doing randori and seen a move, but just either saw it too late or tried to hit it and your timing was off? We’ve all been there. The question is, “How can you fix that?”

See, in your current state of knowledge, you just believe that you have to practice it. You believe that all you have to do is perform more repetitions. You believe that all you have to do is put yourself in that situation so that you can recognize what to do and how to do it. And although you may be correct on all those fronts, YOU ARE wrong as hell when it comes to being right about how to improve that small glitch that we call in sports, your reaction time --- the time in which you recognize a thing, to the time where you are able to do the thing.

The reducing of your reaction time will allow you to submit more people faster; it will allow you to get to the appropriate position faster than your opponent gets there.

It will provide you with “Matrix” like movements which will be provided by your “Matrix” live vision. You will be able to “see” what everybody else cannot. And thus your ability to apply what it is that you know at a faster rate will become so apparent so fast that it will make your instructors and your training partners’ heads spin!!

And even though I’m telling you this, you won’t fully understand until you believe that there is another level of metacognitive awareness in Jiujitsu that exists beyond the current level which you have been exposed to. Once you understand this, it will be a mind-blowing experience.

The way that we process information is on a see-think-do model. First we see a thing, then we process the thing in our mind and then we do it. Once you learn how to learn. You actually will learn how to SPEED up your personal see-think-do process. And once that is sped up, you will always process information faster than your counterparts. ALWAYS!!! And thus, your ability to REACT, to new information which you receive and apply it, will be light years faster than others.

Secret #2:
“Oh, Say Can You C.E.E.?”

The way to excel on the mat is still invisible to many. And what’s so sad is because there are some people out there who don’t want to see. There are some people out there who have reduced The Grappling Blueprint to nothing more than a “guide” and with that all I can do is sit here and laugh with a smirk on my face while typing this to you because, its beyond funny and slightly ridiculous.

I even had one 'know it all' student 'think' he knew things about grappling that he 'didn't' know yet, although he had a great understanding of what he 'thought' he knew, but he was closed minded and the blueprint is about being open to anything and everything. Never think that there is only one way to do anything in grappling, for every World Champion that says you can only do it this way, I can show you another World Champion that does it successfully the opposite way

Check this out…..

If I walked up to you and handed you a piece to a puzzle, a real puzzle piece, what would that be worth to you?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! That piece doesn’t have ANY value to you whatsoever.

But if you bought a 1000 piece puzzle set and had been trying to put that damn thing together and were missing one piece and I walked up to you randomly and handed it to you and walked off, you’d be hunting me down for the rest of your life to find out how I knew about the missing piece in your puzzle.

Well, The Grappling Blueprint is just like that. Only after you have bought the box will you understand the importance of The Grappling Blueprint. You have to buy into the fact that there is more to being good than meets the eye. You have to understand that YOU cannot possibly know everything and that its okay to pursue more knowledge so that you can understand what the journey to the success and ultimate success on the mat looks like. Once you understand this, once you have that puzzle, you will be able to better understand and value the puzzle piece which we call The Grappling Blueprint.

Now, this second secret is foundational core secret number two of The Grappling Blueprint.

This secret is the secret of “”

As you may be able to recognize, “C.E.E.” is an acronym and a play off of the english word “see.” The acronym is one that is used inside of my dojo and quite frankly has NEVER been discussed until now. As a matter of fact, a few of my top students asked me if I really needed to mention this at all because there are certain things that I've specifically designed to never even make it outside the walls of my dojo. As a matter of fact, when I train and sometimes when I train with Mike Fowler, J.T. “Spiderman” Torres, and my other top grapplers, I often have private closed door sessions with no spectators. And it’s not because we are competing or rolling hard or even practicing hard, it’s because we have to section ourselves off so that we can technically expose ourselves so that we may “C.E.E.” things better.

The Grappling Blueprint will help you “C.E.E.”

By now I think you are really interested in what “C.E.E.” means so let me tell you.

C.E.E. stands for


One of the major things that The Grappling Blueprint will do for you is to allow you to cultivate your current and newfound grappling knowledge in such a way that your learning curve will definitely speed up.

The Grappling Blueprint will then allow you to Exploit new avenues of achievement and expertise. Through the proper cultivation of your knowledge and from having your reaction time of implementation and recognition severely reduced, you will now be able to exploit new avenues of achievement more readily and faster. This creates a HUGE GAP in learning. This is what makes people talk crap after someone has been promoted in class and they say, “How did they get promoted, I’ve been training longer than they have, but they got their purple bet before me. That’s not fair.”

Well you are right. It is NOT fair, but it IS RIGHT! And the reason why it doesn’t look right to you and to many others is because many just cannot (see) “C.E.E.”

The other E stand for ENHANCE. The beautiful thing that you will recognize about The Grappling Blueprint is that you will be able to enhance your own personal mat experience and the level of those around you. I’m very aware, that as a personal investor in The Grappling Blueprint, that more often than not, you are concerned with your personal growth first. However, as a martial artist it is your responsibility to enhance, not only your life, but the lives of others. And as you improve on the mat, undoubtedly, your counterpart will too. Albeit, not at the same rate at which you will but they will improve which will continue to enhance your learning process.

This is important because as you get better at “” you will improve at “doing.”

I know this concept seems simple, but please understand that The Grappling Blueprint was created and designed with all the homework about its inner workings already done so that all you have to do is allow it to do the work for you. All you have to do is follow the blueprint and enhance your on the mat experience.

Secret #3
– Visual Processes and Processing

Before you go off and think that this part of the written articulation is the same old talk about visualization that you already know, please calm yourself down. This is NOT that.

When it comes to expert sports performance visualization has been attributed to enhancing such a domain. And while many think that this visualization is in terms of visualizing success, this is not about that or about visualization and visual process of mental visualization nor is about the human eye or ocular vision. The type of visual processing which I’m speaking about here is the ability to access and pick-up information.

In Malcolm Gladwell’s best selling book, “Blink” he speaks of ones ability to process things in “the blink of an eye.” Basically he’s speaking about ones ability to look at a situation for a brief moment of time and pull out much information from that thin time slice. Case in point, if you and I walk into a Jiujitsu tournament and walk around the gymnasium one time and walk out that which I will “see” and that which you “see” will very different. I’m almost willing to bet everything I own on the fact that I will know more about the competition, the competitors and the venue than you in a matter of seconds. When I'm studying an opponent for one of my students, the things that I see are totally different from what my student see's. Now understand how powerful that information is when you are scouting a competitor, or watching film of the competition with your team before the preparatory phase of your Mixed Martial Arts fight, or grappling on the mat.

Let me tell you how this works. I remember a time I was training with one of my advanced students and he hit me with a sweep from the bottom guard position. I stopped. I said, “Show me that again.” And he started to show me and I said, “No. Show it to me slowly.” He began to explain and I said, “Don’t talk, just do it slowly.” He did it once and I watched everything. The second time he did it, I closed my eyes. Then I said, “Okay, I got it. And we started sparring again.” I need not explain to you that on that day, that was THE LAST TIME he's ever been able to do that move on me. Another person who I’ve seen do this is JT "Spiderman" Torres. If you perform a successful move or transitional sequence during a sparring session, YOU WILL NEVER be able to do that same sequence in the NEXT sparring session or EVER AGAIN. It’s almost as if you had a chance and that was it.

I remember rolling with JT once and putting in this particular choke during a transitional scramble, we stopped, I told him exactly what he did wrong and years later I've never been close to getting even close to putting this choke on JT and it's one of my best chokes. In that one session he 'fixed the hole' because he can CEE.

I remember coaching one of my guys against my friend Joe D'arce(Yes, the guy The D'arce Choke is named after), during my coaching, Joe kept smiling and almost started laughing during the match as I gave instructions. After the match I ask Joe "man what we're you laughing at?" he said "Lloyd, you were telling Todd what to do against me before I was even getting ready to do it, but everything thing that you we're saying I was actually getting ready to try, it was like you we're reading my mind and it was funny as hell"

What you will recognize is this. The more information that you have PROPERLY categorize, stored and cataloged, the better you will be. This research has been done numerous times with those who are experts in the domain of chess. Elite level chess players have moves, games, and options in their heads memorized. When they are searching for an option in order to make a move, they are actually doing through their mental library very quickly and making a quality decision based upon the visual snapshot and assessment which they are making from the chessboard.

This ability to process does NOT come easy. I’m not going to lie to you. But IT DOES NOT HAPPEN if you do not have a blueprint for how to do it!

The Grappling Blueprint has produced, helped and aided more champions than any other grappling system in the world. That is not sales and marketing talk, that is not hype, that is the 100% stone cold TRUTH!


Let me tell you this, because I know you are saying to yourself, “Oh I don’t need The Grappling Blueprint, I’ll just train by myself. All I need to do is practice more and get in some good training.”

You couldn’t be MORE wrong.

If you think you can sit down in your room and just visualize and think happy thoughts and get good, you’ve got another thing coming.

If you think you can just drill, drill, and drill and get good you have another thing coming.

Do you have a system to 100% predictably improve your "Transitional Dominance"?

Well I do, "Transitional Dominance" is one of my secrets that 99% of the instructors in the World will not teach you, mostly because they don't know how to teach it. WHY? Because they weren't taught it, it's just one of those things that you'll "GET" sooner or later, and most likely later, depending on how often you train.

You have to know what to think about, what to visualize, what to drill, how to drill and how to link the domains of the cognitive, affective and psychomotor with that of on the mat performance. This is the difficult part. YOU don’t know how to exactly do that. I do.

And not only do I know, I know and I’ve tested my methods. And what I want to do for you is remove the guesswork and allow you perform the type of practice that will allow you to achieve high levels of success on the mat.

Do you know what type of practice it is that you need to perform…..

If not, let me tell you the secret.

The type of practice which YOU MUST perform in order to achieve high levels of success on the mat is a practice called “Deliberate Practice”.

What is “Deliberate Practice”?

Dr. K. Anders Ericsson, a highly esteemed professor of psychology at Florida State University and one of the foremost experts on elite level performance and the co-author of the book “The Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance” (2006) and “The Road to Excellence: The Acquisition of Expert Performance in the Arts and Sciences, Sports and Games” (1996) explains deliberate practice as the following:

“…. [being good] isn’t magic, and it isn’t born. It happens because some critical things line up so that a person of good intelligence can put in the sustained, focused effort it takes to achieve extraordinary mastery. These people don’t necessarily have an especially high IQ, but they almost always have very supportive environments, and they almost always have important mentors. And the one thing they always have is this incredible investment of effort.”

One of the principles of The Grappling Blueprint is based off of deliberate practice. The concept of deliberate practice is woven, intersticed and intercalated in the program of The Grappling Blueprint. By following The Grappling Blueprint, you will automatically be performing the same exact practicing methods that World Champions, Olympians and Elite Level athletes perform on a daily basis. And I will tell you and SHOW YOU exactly what to do and how to practice “deliberitely” so that you will not have to waste any time in terms of improving.

I will serve as one of your mentors. It doesn't matter what team you're from, who you respresent, alot of my subscribers kept it a secret from their instructor that they are loyal subscribers to my training philosophys and concepts and that's fine by me, I just seriously want to help you become the best martial artist that you can be, as fast as possible. I will support you with sustained follow up. If you have questions, submit them. And make an effort right now to invest in your success. Being a member of my email list is like being apart of a Worldwide family of winners.

I’m telling your right now, that if you want to get better on the mat that The Grappling Blueprint is the way!

Here’s a FACT!


A lot of people know that I’ve achieved the level of Black Belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu in 3-1/2 years. People ask me, is such a thing possible and my reply is, “of course it is.” Now I’m not silly or aloof. I understand that people have life commitments, children, house payments, car payments, jobs, school and other responsibilities, so I DO NOT GUARANTEE THAT EVERYONE WHO USES THE GRAPPLING BLUEPRINT WILL GET A BLACK BELT IN 3-1/2 years. But I can tell you this. Getting your black belt in the shortest amount of time as possible, is soley up to you. YOU make that determintation. I can tell you this though…. You will most certainly improve at a faster rate with The Grappling Blueprint than you will without The Grappling Blueprint. That is a fact.

Therefore, the only thing that will stop you from achieving high levels of success, is your refusal to commit…. Your refusal to invest.

Believe me. I’m living proof that The Grappling Blueprint works and I have people thoughout the World receiving my free emails. What are you waiting for, it's FREE, and it will help change your grappling game forever. Not only will you receive my FREE emails, Grappling Mini Course, I'm always sending out FREE video clips of some of the latest discoveries that we've discovered. Not only that I have a FREE DVD that I want to give to you, so just enter your name and email address in the box below.

Lloyd Irvin

aka The Grappling Renegade
Forever The King Of Leglocks